April 2022 Newsletter

Dear Friends, Easter is upon us ….. and Cape Town is experiencing glorious weather (though we have just  endured a few windy days). With so many people wanting to escape the ongoing gloom in the northern hemisphere – caused from the cold weather, the Covid ‘depression’ and now the terrible suffering imposed by the Russian onslaught in the Ukranian, it seems travelling to Cape Town is a respite for many. Since the beginning of this year, we are uplifted and relieved that there have been positive highlights from some of our projects which we want to share with you:


Early March, we celebrated the opening of the Afterschool Centre.  It was a wonderful event with the children taking centre-stage.  They performed small playacts – they sang and they danced.  One could see that their teachers were proud of their efforts and the applause was warranted.  A special lunch for teachers and the children was provided. At a small cold buffet lunch for the few invited guests, Klaus Triebe expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all concerned – with special thanks to Marlis Schaper, Kinderhilfe-Kapstad and to you, the Sponsors, for the generous support which made this unique project a reality.

It was an opportunity for constructive discussion amongst the Heuwel Trust, the teachers and the principal, Shelden.  We also were treated by the staff to several beautiful polyphonic songs. The bright and colourfully painted walls of the 3 building are eye-catching – even from a distance – and identify that a kindergarten is housed within.  The local artist, Angela, has created small works of delightful  wall art  which obviously stimulate this environment for  the children, the parents, the teachers  and every visitor. Various playground equipment and a climbing structure for the new playground were recently installed and  are enthusiastically appreciated by the children who are making very good use of them.

The area is quite barren so, to cope with the dust and sand, Klaus chose a surface of small pebbles.  This works so well that it has been suggested that more parts of the playground be covered similarly.

The ongoing dedication of the teachers and their principal – in partnership with Ursula and Klaus Tribe and the Heuwel Trust, is deeply impressive.   They have survived so many negatives to create this extraordinary kindergarten project;   they trusted in God but also worked extremely hard for this success.  It is a fantastic life work that has been achieved for the benefit of the Bergsig Township children of today – and for tomorrow.  Kinderhilfe- Kapstadt can only be proud to have been part of this successful project.


True-North is another amazing organization!  They are providing admin skills to 29 ECD’s in Vrygrond and Overcome Heights i.e. to assist in applying for government funding and to guide towards the various ECD’s becoming self-sustaining.  To obtain a government grant for each registered child, a kindergarten must have a “proper’ building built of stone and mortar” which meets both health and fire authority regulations.

Candice Mkosana, the owner and principal of the “In His Footsteps” ECD, is lacking such a building!  She has put her heart and soul into this township children’s care facility; has herself completed all the necessary training and encourages her teachers to do this as well.

It takes several years to obtain the government-required qualifications.

Over a year ago, True-North said they would assist Candice to build a ‘proper’ building after Kinderhilfe-Kapstad committed to raise the necessary funds. Finally, we can now report that all plans and permits have been authorized and issued.  Demolition of this ECD’s existing tin shack will begin in May.  For the next few months, the care and teaching will take place temporarily  in a nearby church – while Candice and her family (who also live in the present tin-shack ECD building) will be housed by her Mother.    It is anticipated that the new stone and mortar ECD building will be ready by the end of the year.


The long-planned goal of Marlis Schaper is finally becoming a reality!! For years, we have striven to build an ‘after-school’ care and safe facility for the ‘graduates’ of Little Lambs.  For a long time, one stumbling block had been to find a suitable location – as well as to obtain the approval for this project from the Department of Public Works.  Two years later we have finally received written approval!!!

A huge relief! The next step is to assess the design-plan and obtain a cost-planning for either an approved  wooden or a stone building.  We now finally feel confident that we can progress this project and commission this new facility in the near future. With the joy of Easter upon us and with it a feeling of positive hope, we are encouraged to continue our endeavor and realize the goals which have been set.

Once again, we thank all of you involved for your commitment, generosity and support without which we cannot succeed in this chosen path to uplift the lives of children. We will continue to tell you more about the progress of these projects in the coming months. Thank you for your invaluable support!

Warm regards

Elke and Marlis