December 2021 Newsletter

Latest Covid-19 hairstyles of children and teachers at Little Lambs

Christmas is around the corner – but unfortunately, the world is once again in turmoil!!

New horror headlines are released about South Africa –which are scaring people from coming here. It is all because South African scientists announced the presence of a new Corona variant: “Omikron” – which was already in a number of countries but unacknowledged or unknown to them….

The world turned against South Africa – instead of applauding the country for sharing this knowledge so quickly. Instead of receiving international gratitude for the information, South Africa has been made a pariah /outcasts!!

The saddest thing is that this reaction will most certainly discourage other scientists or governments from sharing any new such discoveries with the rest of the world!!

South Africa is suffering badly from this injustice – most especially as there was a buildup of optimism that the economy was on a path to recovery. Tourism is a huge factor in the economy of South Africa and its neighbours – most especially in Cape Town and Western Cape Province. The optimism of an economic recovery has been badly ‘dented’ by this unfair and inappropriate reaction.

Many people’s livelihoods are threatened; depleted – and even cancelled! More beggars are lining the streets; frustrations are leading to increased domestic and sexual violence.

Many children are suffering their lack of being able to continue their education – and of hunger, because they are restricted from attending schools fulltime – or ECD centres regularly.


The children of LITTLE LAMBS are no exception. This kindergarten is open almost all year-round,; However, only c.240 children – instead of the enrolled 300 children, are allowed to be on the premises – because of social distancing ; plus of course, so many parents are unable to pay even the minimum of fees because they have no income. This is having a devastating effect on the pre-school education and nutrition of our children.

At the end of the first quarter of 2021, it was apparent many parents could only partially afford the school fees of R500 per month (for full-time trained care and daily nutritious meals). We have endeavored to support the facility, the staff and the children – in the full knowledge that we rely on; depend on – and we believe in the support of our donors’ continuing commitments.

A new and success-proven programme offered by “The Learning Initiative” ( was instigated to have all the 4-5 year old children at Little Lambs screened re their development, hearing and vision.

The children identified to be ‘at risk’ of developmental delays receive therapy throughout the year in fun and interactive group sessions. A therapist and facilitator work with the children twice per week at the Educare Groups and run a 45 minute programme for a maximum of 9 children per class. The focus is on holistic growth; sessions explore vital areas of early childhood development such as – but not limited to: gross-and–fine-motor development, vocabulary building, emergent literacy and numeracy, executive functioning stimulation, social-emotional exploration – as well as sensory-motor development. We are confident that these therapies are of great benefit, not only to the children, but also to their parents and to the teachers at Little Lambs.

Despite rigorous cost-cutting measure, Little Lambs remains dependent on donations to ensure the progressive-running of the kindergarten and to meet the requirements of the Education Department and Social Development.

Costs currently continue as follows:

  • Annual renovation work on the building – caused by heavy rainfall or general wear and tear
  • Replacement of mattresses, fans, chairs/tables, educational toys, uniforms for staff
  • Replacement of rusty toilet or classroom window frames. (Two years ago, donations from sponsors enabled us to replace the windows of the main building.)
  • Another big expenditure is the planned extension of the security fence to enclose the entire Little Lambs’ premises. In previous years, much security
    upgrading was achieved and this last work will complete the gap, we hope, to ensure the safety and security of the children and teachers and of the property.
  • The progression of the new Afterschool Care Centre is still high on our list of priorities – but it is slow-going. Since 2020 we have been in ongoing discussions with our landlord / local authority to get approval to proceed; unfortunately with little progress to date. We trust this major community beneficial project will be given the green-light in 2022.
  • For the Learning Initiative programme an additional classroom is an urgent necessity. Till now, these session have taken place either on the veranda or outside under the trees. To continue these new therapy sessions, a freestanding wooden-built classroom was commissioned and will be built in January.
  • With Christmas just around the corner, all the children are anticipating their annual Christmas party – which comprises a delicious children’s lunch – with ice cream; jumping castles and a small gift for each child.
  • The graduation for the Grade R’s is another highlight at Little Lambs. Each child is traditionally presented with a graduation certificate, a school backpack with writing utensils, a pair of school shoes and socks. For the parents, these ‘graduation rewards’ are a great financial relief and are only made possible with donors’ contributions.
  • Another issue is to inspire the staff to contribute towards a pension fund.

Clarification in this regard has been initiated – but a decision on the distribution of costs is still pending.

This particular newsletter is dedicated specifically to the issues of Little Lambs Christian Day- and Educare. Next the focus will be on the Heuwell Speelskool in Calitzdorp and True-North – followed by iKhaya le Thema and Sakhisizwe.

The aims and goals of Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt SEEDS remain diverse and far-reaching and are reliant on your support, your trust in and your goodwill towards our work.

From everyone here at Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt/SEEDS, we sincerely thank you for making our work possible. Please consider donating to our projects for the future of our children.

Germany: Dietrich F. Liedelt Stiftung, Hypo Vereinsbank (Hamburg);
IBAN: DE04 2003 0000 0602 0695 44;
Verwendungszweck: Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt

South Africa: SEEDS Trust,
Standard Bank, Constantia,
Account No.: 076021459,
Branch Code 025309,
Swift: SBZA-ZA-JJ,
Reference: Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt

With extreme gratitude,

Elke and Marlis and the entire Little Lambs Team