December 2020 Newsletter

1. Little Lambs Christian Educare in Hout Bay

2. iKhaya le Themba mit Sakhisizwe in Hout Bay

3. Heuwel Speelskool in Calitzdorp

4. True-North in Vrygrond/Overcome Heights

  • Little Sunshine Educare
  • In His Footsteps Educare
  • Overcome Educare

We could not let the year draw to an end without sharing with you the latest activities of Kinderhilfe-Kapstad – plus, of course, sharing our ‘wishes’ and dreams for 2021 – but, most importantly, to acknowledge and say ‘thank you’ for your incredible support .

Not in in any way could anyone have imagined how difficult 2020 would be for us and for all of our projects. At first, Covid 19 seemed only a minor threat – something which would soon pass and then everyday life would quickly return; then the number of infections rose steadily and the total lockdown soon followed.

From one month to the next, our lives seemed to stand still – with much anxiety and fear developing. Nobody dared to meet and socialize with their loved ones’ let alone hug or kiss them. Children who were previously well looked after in the Educare Centres during the day, suddenly now had to stay at home. But, in the townships, different rules applied: here people are completely not reacting to the danger of Covid-19 – after all, there are other tangible worries they have to deal with and ‘social distancing’ is an impossible task. Life seemed to continue as normal – with children playing on the streets and adults enjoying their unexpected ‘vacation’.

However, only when people starting to lose their jobs, did many realize how difficult the situation had become. Most cannot fall back on any reserves and, having lived from hand to mouth in the past, they now face huge financial problems. How are they supposed to feed their families, pay rent and other expenses?

I saw many worried eyes when we first handed out grocery parcels to our parents and, the longer the lockdown lasted, the more worried they became. These concerns were also spreading to kindergartens, mainly because parents were unable to pay any school fees during the 6-month lockdown. In solidarity with the population in the townships of Imizamo Yethu, Bergsig and Vrygrond / Overcome Heights, Kinderhilfe-Kapstad supported families with supplies for soup kitchens, grocery packs and grocery gift vouchers. Another major concern of all ECD Centers is having to continue paying employees their full salaries. Where this is not possible due to financial shortfalls, we assisted in paying 50% of teacher’s salaries.

During these challenging times, we received numerous requests for additional support from some of our existing partners as well as other projects already known to us. After careful consideration, we decided to only help where the wellbeing of the children is at stake; where there is a greater need and where solidarity is required. We believe our sponsors would expect this of us.

For the coming year, Kinderhilfe-Kapstad wishes to continue to support the afore-mentioned 4 projects with their basic needs but we are also budgeting for the following greater and much-needed investments:

1. Heuwel Speelskool in Calitzdorp

Thanks to the relentless efforts of Klaus and Ursula Triebe, the third school building will be put into operation at the beginning of 2021. A detailed report will be issued after its completion. The extent to which Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt will support the new Afterschool Care with running costs, depends on discussions with Klaus Triebe and on our own financial situation.

2. Little Lambs in Imizamo Yethu

For a long time, we did not have the necessary funds to even start planning a new afterschool care center. Then, out of the blue and thanks to the efforts of Marlis Schaper, we received a significant donation from which the fees for an architect could be paid. Initial contacts have been made with Public Works and various permits have already been applied for. It will be exciting and we are full of confidence that our Little Lambs children will soon be cared for in the afternoons at our own Afterschool Care Centre.

More details to follow shortly.

3. True-North/In His Footsteps in Vrygrond/Overcome Heights

Peter Hagen from True-North asked us for financial help with the construction of a new building for the Educare, “In His Footsteps”. As was the case with Ark Angels, a decent building is required in order to apply for registration and then for the government grants. We are passionate about Candice and her dream of a new ECD center.

The Principas Candice Mkosana in front of her ECD center in Vrygrond

All this financial assistance is only possible thanks to the generosity and solidarity of our friends and sponsors who willingly and generously responded to the urgent call for donations to Kinderhilfe-Kapstad this year of 2020. This fills us with humility and gratitude because, only together, can we provide the show of strength to support children where the need is greatest.

Please be reminded that Christmas is just around the corner and that it is the festival of children and charity.

It is our heartfelt wish to enable every one of our ECD centers to celebrate Christmas with a little Xmas party and for the children to receive their long-awaited Christmas gift.

Thank you for supporting this very special wish.


For any donations with Tax Refund Receipts for Germany, Switzerland and South Africa.

Dietrich F. Liedelt Stiftung, Hypo Vereinsbank (Hamburg); IBAN: DE04 2003 0000 0602 0695 44;
BIC: HYVEDEMM300, Verwendungszweck: Kinderhilfe Kapstadt

Spendenkonto Ubungani Suisse, Thurgauer Kantonalbank, Hubzelg, 8590 Romanshorn,
IBAN CH36 0078 4296 0996 4200 1, Verwendungszweck: Kinderhilfe

SEEDS Trust, Standard Bank, Constantia, Account No.: 076021459, Branch Code: 025309, Swift: SBZA-ZA-JJ, Reference: Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt

As always, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and send our warmest regards.