Christmas 2020

It is hard to believe now how fast it seems that we sailed through 2020. On our way, there were many ‘rapids’ and pitfalls which we had to overcome and where our ship threatened to tip over – and sink!!

Thanks to good management, overview and strong co-operation, we were able to steer our ship safely through these tough times.

Our very special thanks to all of you dear people who have followed our work with interest, confidence, trust and appreciation – and who have supported us financially. Without this generous assistance, our ship and – with it – many, many children and families would have been stranded and lost.

Now it is glittering and crackling everywhere; fairy lights illuminate windows and many a heart is opening. Christmas, the festival of children, will soon be upon us.

The Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt / SEEDS Trust has a great need to thank everyone who has supported all our children’s projects so generously during this difficult time. Your donations made the following possible:

  • Staff salaries for all our various projects
  • Two nutritious meals per day for all children
  • School work = learning, writing, creativity, art and singing
  • Tidiness and hygiene
  • Happy and healthy children who play, romp, laugh and just have fun

We wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas!

May happiness, good health and lots of love accompany you throughout the coming year.

With warm regards

Elke Zwicker


Marlis Schaper