Letter of Thanks Covid 19 Support

Dear Friends,

What an amazing response from so very many you to our donation campaign!

It is with heartfelt gratitude that we thank you for your most generous contributions – which enabled us to plan and distribute the food parcels efficiently and timeously.

The 300 food parcels of 18kg each were packed by YeboFresh and transported to Little Lambs by HomeHeroes – both well-known local Hout Bay companies.

On both Monday and Tuesday mornings, 150 parcels were delivered to Little Lambs and distributed those same afternoons to our parents.  This planning was to ensure stocks were not stored on the premises and risk the possibility of break-ins overnight.

Even before the set starting time, long queues of Mothers formed outside our gate; all waiting patiently to collect a food parcel.  The first day, Monday, was particularly difficult as it rained and thus made the waiting even more stressful.

From left to right: food parcels, off-loading 150 parcels, queuing to enter, carrying home

The distribution of the food parcels turned out to be logistically challenging because, under the health precautions, social distancing and the wearing of face masks and gloves had to be strictly adhered to.  Geraldine was, however, prepared and provided face masks and gloves for nearly all the 300 people as the majority of parents arrived without any protection whatsoever! After each one was handed a mask and gloves, 8 parents at a time were admitted to the property; each was then asked to sign the class attendance register of their child before 4 carry bags of food were handed over.

From left to right: off-loading on Tuesday, teachers assisting with registration, happy to carry home

Not all the Mothers showed their emotions openly:  some spontaneously wanted to hug the class teacher; some laughed and chatted happily amongst the group – mostly in their mother tongue, Xhosa;  a few even approached me to thank me.  Others kept their eyes  on the ground while they quietly  lifted the parcels onto their heads and hurried home as quickly as possible.

I was left with mixture feelings of achievement and sadness – and remember the recent words of our President Cyril Ramaphosa:

“There can be no greater anguish than that of a parent whose children cry out to them for food – but they have none to give.”

In this sense, the Trustees of SEEDS Trust thanks you from the bottom of their hearts for your amazing generosity during the past few days.

It is the greatest desire of us all that this nightmare will soon be over, allowing us to resume contact with our family and friends and embracing them warmly.

Warm regards and stay healthy,