Overview of the activities of the SEEDS Trust and Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt

The acronym “SEEDS” stands for S Schooling E Education E Empowerment D Development and S Support

For the last 20 years these have been the main objectives of SEEDS Trust and later of Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt.

In 1999 Johan and Marlena van der Walt, founded Little Lambs and subsequently The SEEDS Trust. After Johan past away, his son Charl van der Walt took over as Chairman.

Marlena Van der Walt (Founder/Trustee)
Charl Van der Walt (Chairman/Trustee)
Costa Mitchell ( Acting Chairman)
Elke Zwicker (Trustee)
Grant Baston (Trustee)
Roger Falls (General Manager)
Marlis Schaper ( Major fundraiser for Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt/SEEDS Trust)



Little Lambs Daycare

Little Lambs Daycare was founded in 2000 in the Township of Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay, a suburb of Cape Town. During 5 days per week, Little Lambs cares for 285 children aged between 9 month and 6 years and employs 20 staff, mostly from the township.  Twice daily children receive 2 wholesome warm meals, fresh fruit and vegetables. Cleanliness and hygiene are being practiced and most importantly they are taught the English language and prepared for school.

The SEEDS Trust governs Little Lambs and through the generosity of sponsors, Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt supports the project financially. littlelambs.org.za and www.littlelambs-kapstadt.com .

Since 2001 Marlis Schaper fundraised successfully for The SEEDS Trust, especially for the running-costs of Little Lambs, which has always been close to her heart.  In 2007 Marlis raises sponsorship for new classrooms and additional renovations to the existing buildings.


The South African Tax Refund Forms, issued by the SEEDS Trust on all donations received, are valid only for tax payments with SARS in South Africa and not for foreign donors.

In order to enable German sponsors to reclaim tax-returns on their donations in Germany, Marlis Schaper arranged with the “Liedelt Stiftung” in Germany that an account in the name of Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt was established to serve this purpose.

In Switzerland, Elke Zwicker found a similar partner in Ubungani Swiss.  Similar conditions for fundraising were granted, firstly up to the end of 2018 for Ark Angels Educare and since 2019 for Kinderhilfe- Kapstadt. Ubungani Swiss: www.ubungani.com

Another advantage of having the Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt account is, that it allows The SEEDS Trust to distribute funds to any one of its 4 projects, depending on financial needs at any given time.  Marlis Schaper and Elke Zwicker, Trustee of The SEEDS Trust, decide jointly on which project needs prioritization.  Over the last years the following 4 projects have received financial assistance:

  • Little Lambs Christian Daycare in Imizamo Yethu/Hout Bay
  • Ikhaya le Themba after school care in Imizamo Yethu/Hout Bay
  • Heuwel Speelskool in Calizdorp
  • Ark Angels Educare and new since 2019 True-North in Overcome Heights/Vrygrond


Ikhaya le Themba

Ikhaya le Themba is an “After Schoolcare” governed by an independent Board of Trustees. The idea to support this project came about when Marlis Schaper and The SEEDS Trust saw the need for Little Lambs children being taken care of after school hours. In order to accommodate Little Lambs children aged 7 to 13 years, additional classrooms were needed and subsequently built. Not only did Marlis Schaper convince “Bild-Hilft,  Ein Herz für Kinder” of the importance of this undertaking but also raised funds in her personal capacity through “Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt” for additional support.  ikhayalethemba.org.za


Heuwel Speelskool

Heuwel Speelskool is a Daycare centre for children in Calitzdorp approx. 400km east of Cape Town. Again “Bild – Hilft , Ein Herz für Kinder” sponsored the completion of their first building with 4 classrooms serving 80 children. In 2014 another building was erected which accommodates an additional 80 children.  Next to the Daycare, Ursula und Klaus Triebe are running a Farm Stall on the R62 in Calitzdorp, selling dried fruits, jams, preservatives and many more food products, thus creating job opportunities for the people of the nearby township.

The Heuwel Trust Foundation has 4 Trustees who administer the Daycare. Recently The SEEDS Trust was approached for financial support, and this request is presently being evaluated.www.dieheuweltrust.worldpress.com

Ark Angels Educare

Ark Angels Educare in Overcome Heights was initiated by Pastor Prosper, The SEEDS Trust and Marlis Schaper in 2015, with the objective to replace the existing corrugated-iron shack with a new prefabricated wooden building, thus enabling Ark Angels to register with Department of Social Development. The entire project was sponsored by overseas private and corporate funders.   In January 2019 The SEEDS Trust handed over this amazing building to Pastor Prosper and the Ark Angels Board, whose next aim will be the registration with DSD through True-North.

The administration of the Educare now lies entirely in the hands of the Ark Angels Board and Pastor Prosper, who with the help of his church, Ark Chapels Ministries, assists the Educare financially.

The SEEDS Trust remains owner of the building, but agreed in a lease agreement signed with Ark Angels that the Educare can use the building rent free.

True-North, is an independent Non-Profit Organisation serving 30 Daycare facilities, including Ark Angels Educare in the Overcome Heights/Vrygrond township.  Their main objectives are the support and training of principals and staff, resulting amongst other criteria ultimately in the registration of all 30 Daycare Centres with the Department of Social Development. As this is a huge and expensive undertaking, The SEEDS Trust, with the assistance of funding through Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt wishes to support True-North, a young and dynamic organisation, within certain selected projects.   www.true-north.co.za

Elke Zwicker

Trustee of The SEEDS Trust