It is with heartfelt pleasure and gratitude to Sponsors that we report on the recent acquisition and installation of equipment for the Heuwel Speelskool in Calitzdorp. Your financial contributions have brought such a lot of joy where it is needed.

Our visit to Klaus and Ursula Triebe was not only inspiring – but also impressive to witness what these two wonderful people have created and achieved for the children of the neighbouring township of “Bergsig”.

During our walkabout, we had the opportunity to appreciate with what love and care all the equipment had been carefully purchased and installed.

New blinds for all classrooms

space saving … book corner above …

… play area below

Klaus and the new Solar Geyser

2 new extractor fans for the kitchen

The new tables and chairs …

… are frequently used

240 children are being cared for at the Heuwel Speelskoof which provides a loving and secure environment.

During the afternoons and on weekends, the older children are encouraged to use the Skate Park and the Pump Track which Klaus built especially for the township kids to keep them busy and off the streets.

Klaus with a fosterling

happy children from the Speelskool

All sponsored equipment has been installed very well – except for the ceiling fans purchased for all classrooms. Klaus explained that he needs to reinforce the ceilings before the fans can be safely and securely installed.

We also noticed the bad state of the existing perimeter fence. In order to save costs, Klaus had planned to mount razor wire on top of the fence – thus hoping to secure the property against intruders. However, upon further inspection and discussion, we ascertained that, in order to really improve on the security, the first step would be to install a 379 m length X 1.80 m high steel security fence ……… should we be successful in raising the additional funding.

existing fence and gate

new security fencing and gate 1‘80m high

Financial situation re Security Fence:

Costs:                    R 128,053                             Security Fence

Less:                      R   13,332                             previous budgeted cost for old fence

Total                     R114,721                              additional costs for the new fence

We are truly grateful to all our sponsors for your willing and generous contributions which have enabled the provision of all equipment – and we hope you will further help us keep this school and its equipment safe and secure.

In the name of Ursula and Klaus Triebe and the children and staff they nurture, we extend their and our heartfelt gratitude.

Elke Zwicker – SEEDS Trust

Marlis Schaper – Kinderhilfe-Kapstadt